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How could a 110 minute world-class coaching conversation

transform your life?

Find Out By Taking the Opportunities Assessment

Stone Jordan Transformational Coaching

Stone Jordan Coaching Strategies

Find out with an initial Coaching Conversation…

In 110 minutes you could…

  • get greater clarity about your life’s purpose.
  • boost your confidence to connect with anyone.
  • plan how to become THE expert in your field.
  • prepare for deeper romantic relationships.
  • create more time for what matters most.
  • develop a fitness routine you’ll stick to.
  • become more connected to your Creator.
  • evolve in your entrepeneurial abilities.
  • learn to better manage and maximize your income.

How would you transform your life?  Begin by scheduling an initial coaching conversation.

What Leaders Are Saying…

Stone Jordan
Stone JordanMaster Coach
“21 years involved in both personal coaching and professional ministry have afforded me the ability to quickly assess how “coach-able” a person is.  The Opportunities Assessment has a similar purpose.  It will give us clarity on your areas of strength and weakness, offer specificity regarding your greatest desires, and insight into your greatest areas of opportunity for breakthough.  This assessment could become the genesis of a transformational milestone in your life, as it has for others before you.  Good luck!”
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