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How could world-class coaching

transform your business and life?

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Transform your business…

learn how to better maximize your income
create a plan of action for 10x growth
design a business plan you’ll love to work from
plan to become THE expert in your chosen field
prepare for unparalleled success in sales
have fun becoming a master marketer

Transform your life…

create more time for what matters most
get greater clarity about your life’s purpose
boost your confidence to network with anyone
evolve in your entrepeneurial abilities
become more connected to your Creator
apply tools to manage life’s anxieties


What leaders are saying…

obtain the necessary skills…

Stone Jordan is an amazing person. He has the desire and the necessary skills to help anyone willing to become a more productive and effective version of themselves.

Geoff Britten
1st Winner of NBC's American Ninja Warrior

become more successful…

Stone has helped me to become more successful. As a result, I have more free time to spend with my friends and family and to do the activities I really enjoy.

Daisi Jo Pollard
Miss Jamaica, Fashion Mogul

obtain the tools and strategies necessary…

Stone Jordan is an intelligent, integral business professional who takes care of his clients.  Along with that dedication, he offers all the tools and strategies necessary for success.

Troy McClain
Finalist on Donald Trump's the Apprentice

change the way you work…

Stone not only helped me become more efficient, but he also became my friend. His system and tools have completely changed the way I work for the better, and I will be forever grateful to him.

Tamera Laye
Award-Winning Public Speaker - Ontario, Canada

receive the keys to professional success…

Through his coaching, Stone has taken me to the next level of managing my time and my enterprise. He holds the keys to professional success.

Greg L. Humphrey
Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investor

find the courage to face life’s challenges…

At first I was skeptical, but Stone got to the root of my personality and helped me prioritize my life. He gave me the courage to face my challenges. I’ll never forget all the things he has taught me.

Gina De
Medical Doctor - Kalkuta, India

find simplicity and execution…

When Stone speaks, he comes from a place of simplicity and execution. Everything I have learned from him has allowed me to improve my productivity in an extremely powerful way.

Nicholas Dailey
Air Force Officer / Apple Inc. Technician

adopt a new level of focus…

Through our working together Stone was able to bring me to a new level of focus. Because of this, I have been able to live more “in the moment” rather than “for the next moment”.

Angela Chaffin
Small Business Owner, Mother of 4

achieve your goals…

Stone is, above all, a man of integrity and hyper intelligence. He not only knows what to do to help others achieve their goals, he sincerely cares about their process along the way.

Brett Payne
International Operations Director, Classic Rock Coffee

improve every area of life…

Stone’s genuineness and his unique time management approach have helped me to get organized and improve every area of my life.  I highly recommend him.

Dolores Kovac
International Model - Zadar, Croatia