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Invitation Only Coaching Session

How could a 110 minute, world-class coaching “Deep-Dive” session

transform your life?

Please Note:  This fee-free coaching session is available by personal invitation only.  If you have reached this page by any means other than personal invitation, the standard rate of $800 applies for a Deep-Dive coaching session with Stone.

In 110 minutes you could…

Ο get greater clarity about your life’s purpose.
Ο boost your confidence to connect with anyone.
Ο plan how to become THE expert in your field.
Ο prepare for deeper romantic relationships.
Ο create more time for what matters most.
Ο develop a fitness routine you’ll stick to.
Ο become more connected to your Creator.
Ο evolve in your entrepeneurial abilities.
Ο learn to better manage and maximize your income.

How would you transform your life?

Schedule your Deep-Dive and find out!

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What Stone’s scholarship students are saying…

the epitome of empowerment…

“Stone is an honest coach: one that, not only has the education and intelligence to do his job well, but knows how to get you to see your own brilliance. His coaching techniques are the epitome of empowerment, belief, precision, determination, and growth. He taught me what it means to have self respect, to tap into my gifts and build them. Stone won’t disappoint. I’ve never had a coach like him.”

Springfield Area

the clarity and motivation you need…

“Stone is one of the kindest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet. He has the rare ability to cut straight to the core of an issue and help you think in new ways, leading you to a deeper understanding of yourself and how to grow. If you’ve hit a road block in your personal or professional growth, reach out to him and he can help you find the clarity and motivation you need.”

Springfield Area

feel comfortable with zero judgement…

“Coaching with Stone has been incredibly helpful! He has helped me to recognize behaviors and thought processes I never realized I had. He pushes me to be better and work harder. In every session, he makes me feel comfortable talking about whatever we are discussing that day, with zero judgement. I have came a long way because of him.”

Springfield Area

lost 86 lbs in 10 months…

“By working out with Stone every morning for 10 months and  changing my eating habits, I lost 86 lbs and have kept it off for several years, now. Working with Stone has transformed my life for the better and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve themself.”

Springfield Area

create a plan to go back to school…

“Stone  helped me create a plan to get back on focus which, for me, meant going back to school.  We worked together on financial aid and he sat in with me while I spoke with college advisors.  He listens and will help you get where it is that you want to go in life.  I’m so thankful for his mentoring.”

Springfield Area