Step #1: Simplest Task


Step #1: Simplest Task

What is the simplest task you can complete In order to create traction or/and momentum toward your ultimate outcome or goal?

The Simplest Task should:

  • feel simple (not complicated)
  • feel easy (not daunting)
  • have a short duration (5 minutes or less)

My Challenge with Procrastination in shooting the video for this training.

My example of 5 Simplest Tasks for this challenge:

1.Editing and polishing one of the video outlines.
2.Watching an old training of mine about this.
3.Putting on my sport coat.
4.Reading over the outline for this training video.
5.Doing 25 push ups

Your Challenge:
Write out the  5 simplest tasks toward the attainment of your goal.